Cielo restaurant in Jerusalem has been owned and run for the past 14 years by Chef Adi Cohen. The menu at Cielo is Italian and includes ,among others, meat, fish seafood and pasta in its menu.

Adi has an Italian background and the restaurants name is taken from the Italian language: Cielo = sky, and the sky along with this wonderful musical instrument design the restaurants motto and character: horizon and open spaces along with structure and rules all working together.

In Adis' opinion the cello is the orchestra's background music. It does not stand out but is missed when not played.

Cielo was established in 1992, and has been around since then with out making a big fuss.

The menu at Cielo is rich, precise and varied as each day ten special dishes are prepared only for that same day. The restaurant is designed in a clean and meticulous manner. The background music is appropriate to the name and character of the restaurant; it is classical and pleasant and gives the loyal customers a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.
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